Release Notes


  • Fixed minor bug where package would not run on Python 3.7


  • Added dispersive materials based on Sellmeier Coefficients.

  • Added Glass base class for refractive materials.

  • New components:

  • New Sources

  • Updates to RayTracer class.

    • show() function has additional keyword arguments for shading rays.

      • wavelength: Shades each ray based on the wavelength of the ray.

      • source: Shades each ray based on which source generated the ray.

    • calculate_source_ids() calculates and appends a source_id column to the results dataframe. source_id is the index of the source that generated the ray.

  • New pyrayt.utils module with convenience functions for lens design.

  • Added pin context manager that preserves an object’s position.

  • Various minor changes to the tinygfx package

  • Additional examples.